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Everytime An Artist Becomes A Member We Get Closer To Our Goal! 


Thank you for choosing to join and support LARA the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts, home to the OUTmusic Awards. 


It is important that the contributions and achievements of LGBT people are included in the history of the world. The more LGBT people are known for their contributions, the more impact we can make in changing hearts and minds.


If you are a Recording Artist, Duo/Group, Creative Industry Professional or a Patron of the Arts that simply loves the arts and what we do, please join us today and spread the word! For 24 years, LARA has been dedicated to ensuring that LGBT music and cultural heritage is recognized and celebrated as an integral contribution to media, music & entertainment history.


In 2015, LARA will celebrate 25 years in existence. Unlike mainstream music award platforms, LARA is not traditionally funded, but we remain hopeful that one day that change will come.


To ensure that we are able to build a stronger and more viable music & entertainment platform, we need CAPITAL to fund it. This where you come in to help make this possible.....


Increased membership support,will enable LARA to: 

  • Produce a state of the art production of the OUTmusic Awards

  • Launch and support the broadcasting of our new online TV channel

  • Support our efforts to give music education to homeless and at risk youth