- Promote the advancement and appreciation of LGBT Music Culture & Heritage

- Increase the visibility of the LGBT Music & Entertainment Through Media Outlets

- Honor, document and archive the contributions and achievements of marginalized LGBT artists     to ensure that they are included in the history of the world in the media and music/entertainment   industry.




Freedom of Expression Advocacy Campaign - The Freedom of Expression campaign is an online social media advocacy campaign to raise awareness and much needed funds to support LARA, the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts in its efforts to amplify the music and voices of LGBT recording artists and performers.

Our slogan FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION = MUSIC EQUALITY (FOE=MEQ) speaks to raising awareness to erase the stigma associated with being openly LGBT in your professional career. No person should have to sacrifice their freedom or dignity, or lose an opportunity to advance in their careers because of who they are and who they've chosen to love.. More on the Campaign....



I Am Music Project  - The I AM Music Project was created to give homeless and at risk young people access to the creative music industry through a series of educational workshops to learn about the ins and outs of the music business. The students learn about the important steps in creating intellectual property, how to protect it, learn techniques in performing and recording their material and the opportunity to perform at the OUTMUSIC Awards (OMAs). The project also provides opportunities for young people to work behind the scenes of the production of the OMAs, learning what it takes to produce the show from administrative duties to the various creative teams working on the production. More on the I AM MUSIC PROJECT...(link to the video)


OMTVN (OUTmusic Television Network) To expand on our mission to expose LGBT recording artists and entertainers to a broader audience base, LARA is creating a place online to feature LGBT music culture & entertainment.


The new online network will be dedicated to music programming that promote and showcases LGBT themed music videos, exclusive live performances from the OUTmusic Awards, Best of the Outmusic Awards Countdown  and some exclusive OUTmusic Awards content.

Our goal is to become a place for the best in LGBT entertainment music & culture. 

Outmusic Awards (OMAs) is the biggest night in LGBT music & entertainement. Our mission is to promote, educate, raise awareness and ensure that the contributions and achievements of marginalized LGBT artists are acknowledged, documented, celebrated and archived into media, music and entertainment history.


To support our missions, the Academy films the Outmusic Awards live to tape. LARA relies heavily on the tax deductible donations to support the production of this important event and video archives.  


The OMAs is an internationally branded entertainment platform that provides activities and opportunities for companies/sponsors to be recognized by LGBT consumers who eagerly support brands that directly market to the LGBT consumer market.


The Outmusic Documentary Film  

This film is an artistic social and politically pre-active feature-length documentary, that will not only spotlight LGBT and Queer Music Culture, but will keep the torch of LARA burning as the fight for equality moves forward into the next era.