#GetAmped featuring Omar Thomas  

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Omar Thomas is doing his part to Amplify The Sound of Freedom, with his second release "We Will Know: An LGBT Civil Rigths Piece in Four Movements." This release has been hailed by Grammy Award-wining drummer, composer, and producer Terri Lyne Carrington as being a "thought provoking, multi-layered masterpiece" which has "put him in the esteemed category of great artists." "We Will Know" was nominated for four OUTMusic Awards, including "Album of the Year." For this work, Omar was named the 2014 Lavender Rhino Award recipient by The History Project, acknowledging his work as an up-and-coming activist in the Boston LGBTQ community. Says Terri Lyne: "Omar Thomas will prove to be one of the more important composer/arrangers of his time."

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